Monday, June 2, 2008

The Littlest Graduate

Karissa had her K-4 Graduation Thursday night. The kids sang songs and Karissa's class 'signed' the alphabet. Afterwards, each child went to the microphone, introduced themselves and then told us what they learned. It was very cute! Karissa got all dolled up in her cute white dress but once we arrived to the ceremony she got to wear a cap and gown...I can't believe she starts kindergarden next year...TIME FLIES!

Our Little Dancer...

As soon as we got home from FL we had Karissa's dress rehearsal for her recital and then her recital followed that Saturday. She was excited to wear stage makeup...I got a glimpse of what Karissa will look like at 16....I almost cried. OMG...She's so beautiful...

I don't have pics from her recital becasue no cameras were allowed...DRATS! But I did get some cute ones from her dress rehearsal and in front of the fountain at Furman.

Karissa & Kaysi's FL Vacation

I'm a little late in posting this, but better late than never...right? Karissa and I went to FL. Originally I was only going to go to surprise my friend Meg at her baby shower...YES--she's having a boy! (Meg was my neighbor in Vero Shores) Anyway, the quick trip turned into a week. We ended up celebrating Karissa's birthday early with our Vero friends and family since we could not make it to the reunion this year. Nanny Carol made her a GORGEOUS cake...check it out...Yes-Karissa's name is spelled wrong-but it would'nt be perfect if Carol did not mispell it...LOL We LOVE you Carol!
We also went to the beach and also....SEA WORLD! My mom and I took Karissa and her cousin Alex. We had so much fun. It was hot, but breezy, so that helped. Check out the portrait we had taken of Karissa and Alex...Too cute!