Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For All My Scrappy Friends...Charity Crop on April 25th!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know there is an upcoming charity crop in Greenville, SC on April 25th. There is a new organization called "Momas" - that coordinates volunteer paper artists who make and donate cards and photo-ready scrapbooks to several interest groups.
“MOMAS” volunteers are ministers of memory and script to such groups as soldiers stationed overseas, Alzheimer/dementia patients, Special Olympians, foster children, Hospice Moms, and Moms who have lost an infant child.
The proceeds from their first crop will be used to purchase the needed supplies for "MARTY BOOKS". Marty is an acronym for Mommy Always Remembers Tiny You. Marty books are memory books that will go to Moms who have lost an infant child. Marty is the only child lost to our founder’s family and this branch of the organization is named in honor of this precious little boy.
When: April 25th 2009Time: 10 am to 10 pm
Where: New Greer Hospital Campus
The Cottages at Brushy Creek (#101)
Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at door(16 and older please)
Please call Sondra Bright at:(864) 877-5805 to reserve your seat
For Credit Card:Please contact Funkie Munkie(864) 288-9400
Spread the word!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!!! COPIC Spica Glitter Pen Set

OK, everyone asks what is my favorite must-have tool for scrapbooking and without a DOUBT-both COPIC Spica Glitter Pen Sets. I'm in love with them and use on almost EVERY project! I think they should be mandatory that every scrapbooker and card maker own these!You can get both sets here at Scrapnesia.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time to Get Creative!

Now that the holidays are behind us, I hope to spend more time scrapbooking. I have attended a few crops and also scrapping alot with Karissa. Yes-I'm proud to say our daughter is now a bonified scrapbooker and card maker! And I have to say, she's pretty good for only being 5 1/2. The only drawback is that she wants to use all my supplies... UGH! Yes-I'm a stingy scrapper... I'm also proud to report my Mother is now majorly into scrapbooking and attended her first retreat. She loved it! And I have converted another Scrapper. My friend Vicky is now very much into it and comes down from Asheville to crop with me once a month. She used to say I was nuts for all the stuff I owned and the money I spent on supplies and such. Now it's not unusual for her to call me from the craft stores to ask my opinion on tools, embellishments and such. So funny! AND...Todd has mentioned once or twice that we should relocate my scrapbook room to Karissa's room, move her bedroom to the guest room and make my current scrapbook room our guest room. When Karissa and I scrapbook together, we end up on the floor because we run out of table space. Believe it or not, Karissa is totally receptive to the idea. She loves being in there and many times I'll walk by the room, and find her painting or working on some sort of craft. Her bedroom is quite large (17x15) so we would have plenty of room to spread out. Just what we need, another project. By moving my room, I could also have crops at the house. We'll see what happens! Here are a few pics of my scrapbook room right now...Scrapbook Room We had a party here yesterday to celebrate Valentine's day. We grilled steaks, had a few drinks and roasted marshmellows around the bonfire pit. Shame on me, I didn't take a single picture!