Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Debate is ON! An Exhausted Mother Vents....

Karissa is such a debater. She'll make an excellent politician one day. It's very exhausting-her debates, that is. Anything I ask...or TELL her to do turns into a debate. And she's only 4! Is this normal? I've about had it. And she does not only act this way towards us. Yesterday at swim lessons she had the same attitude w/her swim instructor. Her lesson took twice as long because she would not keep her mouth shut and just do as she was asked. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to crawl under the patio table. So I ask you, how should we handle this situation"? I need super nanny to the rescue! She's such a little Drama Queen. She would not do the things at her swim lesson until the other people swimming in the pool stopped and WATCHED HER! Can you believe it? She would whisper "But Momma, I want them to watch me." As if this child does not get enough attention! Calgon, take me away!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leiterman Happenings


Welcome to our new Leiterman Happenings Blog. I thought this would be a great way for everyone to stay connected. We are still loving South Carolina! Summer is here and the weather is hot and sunny. But not Florida hot and muggy! A wonderful thing!

Karissa turned 4, can you believe it? Time sure does fly! We had her birthday party at the Greenville Equestrian Center. A great time was had by all! There were two ponies, so the children had as many pony rides as they wanted. They also took a little trip to their petting zoo, by way of a hay ride. Her party was so much fun. The weather was perfect! She received somany nice gifts. Thank you to everyone. I still have not sent out her Thank You cards. Shame on me, I know. There are not enough hours in the day! Sometimes I wish I could clone myself! LOL

Took Karissa to Duke about 2 weeks ago for a follow-up visit. Her doctors were thrilled with her progress! The meds are working great and as long as she continues to take them, she is symptom free. It's still hard to give her the shots, but we we're hoping that as time goes by and she get's a little older, she'll get used to them. The hardest part is taking her every month to get her bloodwork drawn. But, we have to do it to make sure the meds are not affecting her liver and other organs. They also check to make sure the meds are still working at keeping the inflamation away.
I'm still scrapbooking and Todd is still finding projects to do around the house. His next project is crown molding in our master bedroom. After that, who knows what he'll come up with. Might have to buy another house, so he'll have something to do...LOL

We're trying to plan a vacation to New Hampshire to see Jim and Nacy. We REALLY need a vacation! Everytime we pick a date, something comes up or we get sidetracked and put it off. But, I can't wait to go!

Well, that's it for now. Hope you subscribe to our blog so we can stay in touch!

Kayi, Todd and Karissa