Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming of a Cure

I came across this beautiful poem on another blog and was so touched by it. I felt like it was written about my thoughts on Karissa's arthritis.

In my dreams, she dances,
floating through the air like a dandelion puff on the wind, a wish in progress...
She lands, soft as a kiss
without a wince or pause.

In my dreams she runs, fast and furious
Long gait of colt legs,
On and on into the horizon

In my dreams she plays soccer,
and is a gymnast and competes.
She is not the slow one, the last picked.
She is not pitied.

In my dreams she is limitless,
no bounds of swollen joints, stiffness, fevers or pain.
She is unfettered by needles,
doctors and medical jargons.
She is continuous, endless hope... all possibility.

In my dreams she grows into a lovely woman.
Arthritis is a distant hazy memory...
A forgotten nuisance of childhood -
a boogeyman long since retired.
She is free.

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