Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

We decided to go all out with Christmas lights this year. The house looks great! Todd and our friend Dale hung the lights. I was in charge of the front porch. I really enjoyed doing it. It was almost therapeutic and relaxing for me....like gardening. I took pics of the house and wouldn't you know it, half of our wreath went out. Todd's going to fix it tomorrow.

Karissa is so excited for Christmas! She said she wants us to wake her up so she can see Santa and Rudolph when they come to the house. She had her picture taken with Santa on Saturday. I can't wait to get them back-they turned out so cute! She really hammed it up with him! I wish we could have ordered them all, but that would have put us in the poor house!

We had a family pic taken this year. Turned out great! Check it out......

More about us....
Todd finally had a full physical...only took me 5 years to get him to do it! What's with men and going to the doctor? Anyway, turns out he has high cholesterol and hypothyroidism. So, the doc put him on meds. He should start feeling better and have more energy wants the meds kick in. Hurray! He would sleep the whole weekend if I let him. LOL

I'm having surgery on my wrist Dec. 17th. Seems I have a gangleon cyst inside that driving me nuts! My wrist hurts all the time. The timing could not be worse, with Christmas right around the corner, but I met my deductable so it's now or never if I don't want to pay for it. Oh joy...wish me luck!

Karissa is doing well. She's had a few episodes of her knee hurting. I think it's from the change in weather. She's learned how to write her name. SOOOO CUTE! She is a singing FOOL! This morning, when I dropped her off at school, she had to go to the "ladies room" . While she was taking care of business, she was belting out the song "A Whole New World" from Alladin. Now mind you, the door was shut, but you could still hear her singing. Everyone in her class could hear. It was so cute. She is destined to be an entertainer. I remember singing like that at her age. I didn't stop singing until my senior year in high school.


Anonymous said...

The house looks great, excellent work by those guys! I had to laugh about the wreath, I came home yesterday to find one small strip of one of our roof icicle lights was dark. What a pain! Just curious, where did you get Karissa's pic taken with Santa?

Calley said...

Have fun with your wrist surgery... B.G. just had to have one removed, and his wrist is still giving him a lot of trouble!

House looks great. Family pic is sooo adorable! Karissa really is a 50/50 mix of you and Todd!